About The Artist

David Sampson is a freelance artist based in Somerset, England. He creates original artwork and pictures electronically by using the computer and mouse as a conventional artist would use a brush and canvass.

Email Dave to commission a piece of original artwork, or to purchase a print of any of the works on display in the galleries.

The Mangledwurzels
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The Fivepenny Piece
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D.J. Sampson Graphics

Pet Portraits
Candy  Marina's Cat  Four Jack Russells  Twizzle  ...
Classic Cars & Bikes
Suzuki GSX600F  Harley-Davidson Sportster  SS Jaguar  Thruxton Firetender  ...
Apocalypse Pro Silvertone  Warwick Buzzard  Gibson Les Paul  Fender Stratocaster  ...
Special Commissions
Queen  Dalek  Buffy II  Buffy I  ...
Commissioning Original Artwork
I will produce an original portrait of the subject electronically. The final print will be wholly original (not made by manipulation of any provided image) and created using the computer and mouse as a conventional artist would use a brush and canvass.

Size: 210 x 297mm (A4) (although an alternative size may be produced on request)

You need to provide a good quality, clear photograph of the subject in the pose to appear in the final picture. Digital images are preferred, but original photographs are usually alright and will be returned; additional photos may be requested for reference/detail.

Usually the final print will be dispatched to you within five days of the photograph(s) being received and payment clearing.

email: graphics@somersetmade.co.uk

Four Jack Russells
One Cat
Apocalypse Pro Silvertone
Harley-Davidson Sportster

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